Southern Maine DSA (SMDSA) is a political activist organization dedicated to achieving social, political, environmental, and economic justice for all people. We endorse candidates running for office whose platforms are in substantial alignment with our principles.

Who can apply for endorsement?

Any eligible candidate who has declared their intention to run for public office in our region may apply.

What does SMDSA endorsement mean?

  1. The endorsement will be published in a press release.
  2. SMDSA will publicize the candidate on our digital presence (photo, bio, and statement).
  3. The candidate may use the SMDSA’s endorsement in their own publicity campaign.
  4. The candidate will have support in acquiring any available assistance from the National DSA.
  5. The candidate will have access to make announcements, presentations, and solicitations for support at monthly membership meetings and/or through emails. Materials to be emailed are subject to approval by the Steering Committee.
  6. Other events may be planned with the Steering Committee or other committees and candidate.

When can I apply for an endorsement?

Applications may be submitted up to one month before the application cut-off date. Cut-off dates will be listed here as elections approach.

How do I apply for an endorsement?

It is the responsibility of the candidate to complete and submit their application for endorsement. There are four steps in the endorsement process.

Step 1: Nomination

To qualify for endorsement the candidate must secure the active support of three members of the Southern Maine DSA general body who must be named on the endorsement application questionnaire.

Step 2: Endorsement Application Questionnaire

Candidates must complete the online questionnaire, which asks for basic information about the candidate and their platform. Candidates may provide a resume and campaign literature, and any additional information pertinent to their eligibility for the office they seek. This information will be sent to the Executive Committee and made available to the general body for review.

Step 3: Interview

A special endorsement committee will interview the candidate and vote to recommend an endorsement to the general body. The interview will be open to members of the general body.

Step 4: General Body Presentation and Vote

Recommended candidate(s) will make a three-minute presentation to the general membership at the meeting of the general body vote, after which the general body will vote on whether or not to endorse the candidate. There shall be no more candidates endorsed in an election than the number of votes a voter can cast for that specific office in that election, except in the case of ranked choice voting.