Southern Maine DSA COVID19 Response

Mutual Aid Network

Please Read: We’ve begun to reach the end of our funding, so for now we are no longer taking new requests for aid as we pivot from short term relief to long term community organizing. In the meantime, our friends in Mainers Together have help available here.

COVID-19, officially designated a pandemic, has now appeared in Maine and is likely spreading quickly. Officials at the city and state level may claim that the federal government is responsible for services during a pandemic, but it is clear that there is no leadership or expertise being provided at that level. We are a community organization and as such, we believe that times of crisis like this call on us to take care of our communities ourselves. As such, we’ve developed an early rapid response plan. This will likely change as much as the information we have will in the next few days or weeks, but solidarity and community will protect us in these times.

If you can help us provide goods and services to those in need,
sign up to assist here.



If you can, please donate money to the donation fund we’ve set up which will go directly to groceries, medical supplies, paying for rent, and imminent utility payments for those who need assistance.
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We and others are calling on the state government to forgive rent for the duration of this emergency.

Sign the petition here.



Our Demands

State and Local governments also bear a responsibility to respond to this pandemic. We have developed a list of demands on which the government should take action. These demands include:

  • Placing a moratorium on all evictions from residential rental properties
  • Placing a moratorium on all utility shut-offs
  • Placing a moratorium on the government cooperating with ICE
  • Granting all workers an immediate bank of 14 days Paid Sick Leave
  • Guaranteeing free testing for all who fear they may have COVID-19
  • Releasing all pre-trial prisoners whose bail has not yet been addressed by the court, or cannot be met, from county jails on their own recognizance
  • Publishing plans for housing the sick, including people experiencing homelessness
  • Providing transportation assistance and accessible care for patients with disabilities
  • Dispatching medical teams to create “clinic hours” on-site at municipalities with high-density public housing, prisons, jails, halfway houses, and other locked facilities to assess and treat patients
  • Assisting all Mainers with enrolling in Medicaid or other affordable health care

Please sign the petition to support these demands.

You can read the full list of details on our demands here.