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Looking to make your voice heard? DSA is funded by membership dues, not corporations or wealthy oligarchs. This ensures that DSA members remain in full control of our organization. By paying dues, DSA members self-fund our own tools for liberation, and we’re using those tools to build a world in which everyone has a say in the systems that impact them. Because this is critical to our mission, we stress that anyone who has questions or concerns, whether you’re a member or not, should reach out to us in any number of ways:

Email: DSA.SouthernMaine@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/medemsoc
Twitter: twitter.com/DSA_SouthernME
Phone: 207-331-5373
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11345, Portland, ME 04104


#PeopleFirstPortland is a campaign of the Southern Maine Democratic Socialists of America and its allies. Our campaign is about bringing forward a set of ballot questions focused on putting people first. Our goal is to pass these questions on the November 2020 Portland, Maine ballot. For more information and to volunteer please visit https://www.peoplefirstportland.org/.

Red Gardens Project

Red Gardens is an attempt to adapt as organizers to some of the challenges posed by COVID-19. This project merges socialist ethics and community building by developing a few safe-distance programs centered around growing produce at home, no matter a person’s space or resources, and distributing the yield among working-class communities. We will strive to politicize these programs, using them as a way to activate and showcase socialism-in-action. Please join us!

Become a Member

All that it takes to be a member is paying dues to our national organization. National dues fund staff to support the organization as well as events, training, and material resources. If you pay your dues on a monthly plan, 20% will come directly back to our chapter to use as we so choose. No one is turned away for lack of funds. If you need a hand, we will work with you to waive your dues.

Get on our Agenda

We hold a general membership meeting once a month. If you or your organization are looking to present information to our members, would like to ask our members to join in on an action, or wish to seek our official endorsement for legislation, referenda, ballot initiatives, etc. (essentially anything but candidates – we have a separate process for that),  please complete our agenda item request form and we’ll see what we can accommodate.

Join Our Mailing List

Not sure if you’re ready to become a member yet, but want to keep up to date on the work we’re doing? Join our mailing list! We never share our list with anyone, and do our best to limit how many e-mails we send – we respect both privacy and the toll that constant e-mails can take.