Much of the work of our chapter is accomplished through our committees. Some of these committees are standing committees; others are convened for a specific purpose or event. Members who have an interest or expertise in a particular area are encouraged to serve on or start a committee. For more information on starting or joining a committee, contact us.

2020 Steering Committee 

Members elect a Steering Committee (SCOM) each year at our January General Meeting. The role of the SCOM is to maintain the day-to-day operations of the Chapter in keeping with our bylaws, to carry out the will of the membership body as a whole, and to act as a liaison with the national organization and other Chapters. Each set of Co-Chairs convenes a committee to support the work of their focus area.

Chairs: Aaron B & Todd B
Monitors and follows up on agenda item requests from members and the community. Creates SCOM and General Meeting agendas, schedules meetings and reserves meeting spaces. Gathers Committee reports for the General Meeting. Acts as liaison with National DSA staff.

Chairs: Alex C & Wes P
Builds and strengthens connections between our chapter and the communities we serve. Produces written and visual content for the website, social media, press releases, and our weekly flyer newsletter. Manages e-mail accounts, chapter minutes, and spokesperson requests.

Chairs: AJ F & Carin D
Organizes dues drives and fundraisers. Maintains the chapter’s treasury, scholarship fund, branch dues share, accounts payable, and incorporation. Manages Chapter merchandise stock and fulfills order. Responsible for filing taxes and financial reports for the chapter.

Chairs: Jon D & Howa M
Requests and receives monthly membership lists from National. Fields member questions. Oversees membership growth and  development. Runs new member orientations, and trainings.

Standing Committees

Arts and Culture
Chairs: Jon D
Produces and promotes works of literature, music, theater, dance and visual art that challenge capitalism, support and grow the vision of a socialist utopia, encourage creativity among our members, and preserve working-class history.

Bernie 2020

Chairs: Todd B & Marc N
Plans and oversees the educational activities of the chapter and socialist education outreach to the Southern Maine community. Develops and maintains the chapter’s library, subscriptions and educational materials.

Chairs: Jon T
Uses existing electoral systems to bring people into our movement, educate about socialism, and build power.

Chairs: Aaron B
Organizes tenants to ensure that housing is treated as a human right and not a commodity. Tenant organizing rebuilds communities in our neighborhoods to fight against displacement of residents and train new organizers.

Prison Abolition
Works to abolish the prison industrial complex, including the prison system, jail system, forced labor, border patrol, ICE, criminal records, the ability to deny access to school, employment, and government assistance, and even our public school system, with resources officers, truancy laws, detentions, and suspension.

Chairs: AJ F & Chris T
Provides meeting marshals, holds de-escalation trainings, and makes safety and security recommendations for events in order to create more secure spaces for our meetings and events and to empower members to defend our right to assemble, and to protect our individual and collective well-being.

Student and Youth
Promotes democratic socialism among college and youth communities. Assists in the creation of campus-based Student Committees and connects students across campuses.