Much of the work of our chapter is accomplished through our committees. Some of these committees are standing committees; others are convened for a specific purpose or event. Members who have an interest or expertise in a particular area are encouraged to serve on or start a committee. For more information on starting or joining a committee, contact us.

2019 Steering Committee 
Acts as a liaison with the National DSA and other chapters, formulates strategic plans and tracks progress on committee work, sets general membership meeting agendas, and oversees the routine business of the chapter. The Co-Chairs oversee the work of the Steering Committee.

Co-Chairs: Kate, Jon
Secretary: Wes
Treasurer: Al
At-Large: Chase, Ken, Todd, Aaron, Carin

Arts and Culture
Produces and promotes works of literature, music, theater, dance and visual art that challenge capitalism, support and grow the vision of a socialist utopia, encourage creativity among our members, and preserve working-class history.

Climate and Eco-Justice
Advocates for non-market-based solutions to environmental and economic justice in our region. Leads action on intersectional environmental issues that build solidarity between environmental activists and anti-capitalists with the goal of shifting power from corporations to the 99%.

Produces written content for the website, press releases and social media. Creates visual content and branding. Ensures consistency in voice and messaging with DSA nationally.

Plans and oversees the educational activities of the chapter and socialist education outreach to the Southern Maine community. Develops and maintains the chapter’s library, subscriptions and educational materials.


Health Justice
Works to promote the idea that healthcare is a human right. Campaigns for policies that help achieve the highest standards for physical and mental health regardless of one’s ability to pay. Collaborates with other community and political organizations to bring about social changes that improve access to healthcare.


Prison Abolition
Our Prison Abolition committee is one of the newest committees. Ideas are brewing around prison letters, book drives, education, organizing within and outside the prison with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. Interested? Have ideas? Come join us in the fight against the prison industrial complex!

Student and Youth
Promotes democratic socialism among college and youth communities. Assists in the creation of YDSA chapters.