Social Democrat to Democratic Socialist

Like all good millennials, I was all about Obama. After all, the George W. Bush years were literally a coming of age experience for me. By necessity, those years were also my time growing political and economic awareness. Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart made it abundantly clear Obama was not George W. Bush and crony Republicans… Read more »

Poetry Report 10/27/18

By Mike Sylvester So they’ve taken the White House, the Congress, the Courts So what the hell are we gonna do now? There isn’t a magic bean stalk in sight No golden goose, no milking cow.   There is no handy axe That lets us climb down off this limb You may have hoped for… Read more »

This is a Rescue Mission

by Todd Blanchette What is democratic socialism to me? I could go a number of directions with this. I could explain that democratic socialism is my blue-collar, pro-union Pépère who struggled as a train station worker his whole life. Or that it seeped into my consciousness from my mom, an educator whose union fought so… Read more »

Get revved up about revolution this October

Happy October, comrades! It’s the month of revolution. So, what better way to spend it than by reading about a historic revolution from Octobers past? The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a major achievement in the socialist movement, a blow against capitalism and its hold over the world. It’s also still hotly debated and dissected… Read more »

American Socialist: Film Screening & Candidate Forum

Saturday, October 2oth 6:30-9:30 pm Maine Irish Heritage Center 34 Gray St, Portland, ME 04102 “I hope anyone who feels we can be a more just and humane society sees this film before November’s elections.”– San Diego Uptown News In 2016, Bernie Sanders reawakened American class consciousness with a presidential campaign that put income inequality… Read more »

Southern Maine DSA Endorses the National Prison Strike

Southern Maine DSA Endorses the National Prison Strike On August 21, a National Prison Strike began in 17 states, organized by the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. This strike was called in response to a riot in a Bishopville, South Carolina prison, in which prison employees did nothing to quell the violence or tend to the… Read more »