We Stand with Preble Street Workers

The workers of Preble Street are currently organizing for better working conditions in order to do their jobs with as much focus, care, and compassion as possible. Southern Maine Democratic Socialist of America (SMDSA) stands in solidarity with the workers of Preble Street and strongly urge management and the Board of Directors of Preble Street to recognize their workers’ efforts and to stay neutral in their efforts to form a union.

Preble Street’s mission is to provide accessible, barrier-free services to empower people experiencing homelessness, housing issues, hunger, and poverty and to advocate for solutions to those problems. Preble Street’s work encompasses twelve programs with statewide reach. The work Preble Street workers do is essential to the livelihood of people experiencing homelessness, housing issues, hunger, and poverty here in Maine.

Democratic socialists affirm that housing is a human right. As long as there is homelessness, Preble Street workers provide necessary services to our communities. Their work is challenging and can be emotionally and physically taxing. These workers don’t draw a line at the workplace exit; you can also find them at rallies and public hearings fighting for their community day-in and day-out. Like all workers, these are the individuals who best know the system in which they work and how to make it operate as effectively as possible. In their organizing effort, they deserve a fair process – not only for themselves as workers but for those that they work to support.

SMDSA is a member-led working class organization fighting for ownership and control over the systems that affect us. We firmly believe that workers are stronger when we organize together, and we should have control over our working conditions and pay. Workers have the right to be free from coercion, restraint, or interference in this process. We are also entitled to engage in a fair process and good faith negotiations with our employer.

You can sign the petition to support these workers here:

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