Press Release: Southern Maine DSA Endorses Joey Brunelle for Portland City Council (At-Large)

PORTLAND – The Southern Maine Democratic Socialists of America (SMDSA) voted on Monday, August 20th, to endorse Joey Brunelle for Portland City Council (At-Large) in the November 2018 general election.

Brunelle, a member of DSA, is a former SMDSA Board member and is running on a progressive platform focused on building a city government that works for all residents, not just a wealthy few. Brunelle will work to strengthen the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance to require 18% affordable units, instead of the current 10%, the lowest in the nation. He will increase government transparency and accountability by working with citizen groups to implement a publicly accessible database of City Council voting records, video recordings and transcripts. He will also introduce a public financing program for municipal campaigns, to allow everyone to run for office to represent their community, not just those with connections to wealth. Brunelle has called for all candidates in Portland’s municipal races to take his clean campaign pledge to not accept any money from PACs, corporations, out-of-state donors, or real estate developers.

Joey came in second in a three-way race in 2017 against incumbent Jill Duson. This time he hopes to unseat 21-year incumbent Nick Mavodones. If elected, Joey will introduce term limits for Portland municipal offices.

“We’re all very excited about Joey’s run. He’s shown time and time again that he cares about Portland; he’s a skilled candidate; and he’s ready to govern. Joey has promised to channel socialist and otherwise egalitarian ideas into public policy. We know that Joey will be a responsive, enthusiastic, and progressive representative for working people,” says Caleb Horton, co-chair of SMDSA’s Endorsement Committee.

The DSA is the largest socialist organization in the United States. The DSA welcomes members and endorses candidates of any party affiliation who share its mission to decrease the influence of money in politics so that ordinary citizens can participate in the many decisions that affect our lives.