Heavy Rotation: Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

Heavy Rotation is back from Turkey Town with some new links, listens, and even a video game to play while you’re on the treadmill working off that extra piece of pie.

Side A: 

The outpouring of #MeToo stories shared on social media have been hard for many of us to bear, not just because  they reveal the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual violence in the workplace, but also because it feels like we’ve been here before. In this October 27th Belaboured Podcast Episode, labor reporter Michelle Chen speaks with Ariane Hegewisch of the Institute for Women’s Policy and Research about how the labor movement can turn up the volume on the “whisper network” so we don’t end up here again. The rest of the program delivers more hopeful messages about a bill to decriminalize sex work (and create more labor protections for sex workers) in Washington, DC, a vote by graduate student workers at the University of Chicago to unionize, and a beefy first strike by McDonald’s fast food workers in the UK.

Side B:

McDonald’s Video Game may put you off capitalism (and burgers) for good. And, like all of Molledindustria’s radical games, it’s in the public domain. What’s not to like?

“Making money in a corporation like McDonald’s is not simple at all! Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage: from the creation of pastures to the slaughter, from the restaurant management to the branding. You’ll discover all the dirty secrets that made us one of the biggest [companies in] the world.”

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